Romeo & Juliet @ Lincoln Center Education!

Hello again, friend! My little theater company, Psittacus Productions, recently created a brand new adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. Commissioned by Lincoln Center Education, our production is a 55-minute “musical” take on the classic play which performed this May for high school students from the 5 boroughs at Clark Studio Theater.

If you wanted to see us and missed it this time around, fear not. We have two return engagements scheduled with LCE (more details to come soon), and below you’ll find some photos to tide you over. All photos are by Christopher St. Clair.

Here are the credits, pictures follow!

ROMEO&JULIET: a musical adaptation

Words by William Shakespeare
Music by Matthew Marsh

Directed by Louis Butelli
Assisted by Nathan Winkelstein
Movement by Emily Terndrup
Staging & Design by Robert Richmond


Louis Butelli
Evelyn Chen
Paul Corning
Luke Marinkovich
Matthew Marsh
Sarah Naughton
Sebastiani Romagnolo
Cat Yudain

Thanks for stopping by! More coming very soon….

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